Winner of the British Construction Industry Regeneration Award 2005 and runner up for Prime Minister???s Better Building Award, The Hub houses business start up units, multi-use space, a caf??, the City and East London Mental Health NHS Trust, and a Foundation for Learning nursery, contributing to the regeneration of the area. The front fa??ade is south facing and has integral Photo Voltaics. A grey water recycling system harvests rainwater, reusing it for flushing WCs and irrigation and a ground loop heat pump lessens energy consumption. The building is naturally ventilated and the structure is designed to be demountable. The popular healthy eating caf?? opens out onto the street in good weather
Eger Architects / 2 D’Eynsford Road / London / SE5 7EB / view map / T.+44 (0)20 7708 0342 /